One problem that many people have with gambling, both online and in physical casinos, is they find that their money slips away faster than they expect. If you're an avid online gambler, this has probably happened to you at some point, and it most likely did not leave you happy. You can't always win big immediately, and be left with loads of money for the rest of your gambling session. In fact, it's quite rare to win really big at an online casino. People win frequently at online casinos, but the wins are small, and you cannot count on them to keep your gambling budget up. Therefore, it's important to set a budget for yourself, before you begin playing.

In order to get a general picture of how you want your budget to work, we suggest playing for play money first, when you start online gambling. All of the reputable casinos online, will allow you to play their games free for play money, before you even make your first deposit. While you'll probably have to register and give details first, casino privacy policies will prevent the casinos for using the information for anything other than mailing lists. You can also remove yourself from the lists at a later time if you choose.

If you've already tried playing for free, and are still having a difficult time managing your budget, we have some tips that may be able to help you. First, pick a realistic budget. Five dollars will simply not make it for an hour of play, even if you're playing on penny slots. You should plan on spending at least twenty-five dollars per hour no matter what game you are playing. If you're planning on playing games with higher stakes, you'll obviously need to plan on spending more money. A general rule of thumb is your budget should be twenty times the stake for table games, and around fifty times as much as the full bet on both video poker and slots. Keep in mind that progressive slots give you better odds when you're placing the maximum bet, so don't play for anything less.

Sometimes, even if you're following the rules you've set for yourself, you'll notice that your account is still draining. If you see that this is happening to you, give gambling a break for a few hours, or call it quits for the day. When you're having bad luck or not playing well, it's best to cut your losses for the day rather than play on and risk losing more.

Remember that the money you set aside for gambling should NEVER be money that you need for anything else. You cannot expect to win, and using money you need for other things could result in a very bad situation. Gambling money should be considered entertainment money.

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